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What’s JSR


  • To spread and promote rally competition
  • Expanding range of competition machine and globalizing of Japanese rally.
  • Hosting highly satisfied event for both competitors and spectators.
  • Improving and developing of quality of rally competition in Japan.

With fruition of those purpose to promote rally in modern era further more.


Person who holds corresponding competition license which eligible for each round.


The competitors who enter the international rallies forming Japan Super Rally will be registered the series automatically. Among competitor who enter national championship category and wish to be registered Japan Super Rally will be accepted to attribute series point of Japan Super Rally as well.


  • For 2017, the cars that comply to be eligible with FIA World Rally Championship of the season (RC1, RC2, RGT, RC3, RC4, RC5) will be eligible.
  • For 2017, the cars that comply with Rally RR, Rally RN and Rally RJ which comply with JAF Rally cars regulations of the season will be eligible.
  • For 2017, the car which install roll cage which comply with FIA Motorsport technical regulation Appendix J or equivalent, or which Japan Motorsport Association accepts.
  • For 2017, for the cars that compete Japanese Rally Championship and then register Japan Super Rally, to fit automatic extinguishing system and kill-switch in compliance with FIA technical regulations are strongly recommended. Kill-switch will be obligated to fit from 2018 while extinguishing system will be mandatory from 2017.
  • For 2018, organiser will decide new eligible cars regulation with inclusion of eligible cars in 2017.


Among competitors who enter three rounds of Japan Super Rally, the three highest crews in the final classifications will be awarded prize money and supplementary prize. The detail of prize is to be announced. Also Japan Motorsport Association sets extra prize as “Super Rally Series Prize” which will be elected by poll from spectators to most popular machine or crew, or most exciting machine or crew as in below.

  • Super Rally Series Overall award; 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Super Rally Series 2WD award; 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Super Rally Series Production award; 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • Super Rally Series Special award.


For championship title, points will be awarded for each rally according to the following scale:

Super Rally Overall 1st 25
Super Rally Overall 2nd 18
Super Rally Overall 3rd 15
Super Rally Overall 4th 12
Super Rally Overall 5th 10
Super Rally Overall 6th 8
Super Rally Overall 7th 6
Super Rally Overall 8th 4
Super Rally Overall 9th 2
Super Rally Overall 10th 1
Super Rally 2WD 1st 25
Super Rally 2WD 2nd 18
Super Rally 2WD 3rd 15
Super Rally 2WD 4th 12
Super Rally 2WD 5th 10
Super Rally 2WD 6th 8
Super Rally 2WD 7th 6
Super Rally 2WD 8th 4
Super Rally 2WD 9th 2
Super Rally 2WD 10th 1
Super Rally Production 1st 25
Super Rally Production 2nd 18
Super Rally Production 3rd 15
Super Rally Production 4th 12
Super Rally Production 5th 10
Super Rally Production 6th 8
Super Rally Production 7th 6
Super Rally Production 8th 4
Super Rally Production 9th 2
Super Rally Production 10th 1

Bonus points as per the following scale may be awarded according to the classification of each leg of Super Rally Series.
*For awarding to those points, each leg must including 25% of total SS distance of the rally.

LEG 1st Overall 7
LEG 2nd Overall 6
LEG 3rd Overall 5
LEG 4th Overall 4
LEG 5th Overall 3
LEG 6th Overall 2
LEG 7th Overall 1
LEG 1st in 2WD 7
LEG 2nd in 2WD 6
LEG 3rd in 2WD 5
LEG 4th in 2WD 4
LEG 5th in 2WD 3
LEG 6th in 2WD 2
LEG 7th in 2WD 1
LEG 1st in Production 7
LEG 2nd in Production 6
LEG 3rd in Production 5
LEG 4th in Production 4
LEG 5th in Production 3
LEG 6th in Production 2
LEG 7th in Production 1