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What’s JSR

Japan Motorsport Associations deserves the right to change the regulations without notice.

Japan Super Rally Series (JSR)

Japan Super Rally Series (JSR) is organised by Japan Motorsports Associations (JMA) and not part
of any FIA or JAF championships.
1.1 The name of Japan Super Rally Series, Results and Series points are owned by JMA.
1.2 JMA attribute series points on results on the rallies forming JSR and the series results will be
determined by the total points obtained by each competitor.
1.3 For sporting regulations, please refer to the supplementary regulations of each rallies that will be
held under JAF / FIA regulations.


2.1 For the competitors in each rallies, JSR, 2WD cup and Production cup points will be attributed
automatically except Rally Hokkaido where JSR declaration is required.
2.2 The results of JSR and the cups will be determined by the total points from the four JSR rallies.
The following JSR titles are awarded.
2.2.1 JSR for driver
2.2.2 2WD cup for driver
2.2.3 Production car cup for driver (Only the driver competing in each rally with production 4WD
turbo cars such as Group N and JN6 are eligible).
2.2.4 Super rally special prize for driver will be determined by JMA and fun vote.
2.2.5 For 2WD and Production car cups, minimum of three cars must be on the start list with their
start times for full points. 60% will be given for two cars start and 30% will be given for one
car starts the rally. *For the series results, rounded off to the nearest decimal point after
cumulative points from each rally.
2.3 No team and manufactures awards in 2017.

Attribution of Championship Points

For championship title, points will be awarded for each rally according to the following scale:

Super Rally Overall 1st 25
Super Rally Overall 2nd 18
Super Rally Overall 3rd 15
Super Rally Overall 4th 12
Super Rally Overall 5th 10
Super Rally Overall 6th 8
Super Rally Overall 7th 6
Super Rally Overall 8th 4
Super Rally Overall 9th 2
Super Rally Overall 10th 1
Super Rally 2WD 1st 25
Super Rally 2WD 2nd 18
Super Rally 2WD 3rd 15
Super Rally 2WD 4th 12
Super Rally 2WD 5th 10
Super Rally 2WD 6th 8
Super Rally 2WD 7th 6
Super Rally 2WD 8th 4
Super Rally 2WD 9th 2
Super Rally 2WD 10th 1
Super Rally Production 1st 25
Super Rally Production 2nd 18
Super Rally Production 3rd 15
Super Rally Production 4th 12
Super Rally Production 5th 10
Super Rally Production 6th 8
Super Rally Production 7th 6
Super Rally Production 8th 4
Super Rally Production 9th 2
Super Rally Production 10th 1

Bonus points as per the following scale may be awarded according to the classification of each leg of Super Rally Series.
*For awarding to those points, each leg must including 25% of total SS distance of the rally.

LEG 1st Overall 7
LEG 2nd Overall 6
LEG 3rd Overall 5
LEG 4th Overall 4
LEG 5th Overall 3
LEG 6th Overall 2
LEG 7th Overall 1
LEG 1st in 2WD 7
LEG 2nd in 2WD 6
LEG 3rd in 2WD 5
LEG 4th in 2WD 4
LEG 5th in 2WD 3
LEG 6th in 2WD 2
LEG 7th in 2WD 1
LEG 1st in Production 7
LEG 2nd in Production 6
LEG 3rd in Production 5
LEG 4th in Production 4
LEG 5th in Production 3
LEG 6th in Production 2
LEG 7th in Production 1

Final series classifications

4.1 The driver having the total of the highest number of points from JSR rallies will be declared the
relevant series winner.
4.2 In case of competitors having scored exactly the same points in total, according to the greater
number of first places, second places, then third places, etc. then according to the higher result in the
first rally of the series.

Eligible Cars

All the cars quoted on supplementary regulations of each rallies are eligible to score points.

Sporting regulations

Sporting regulations, entry and insurance, please refer to the supplementary regulations.