New Japanese Rally Series sets to start from 2017 under FIA format


Japanese motorsport organisers, AG.Members Sport Club Hokkaido (chairman; Kunihiro Tabata) and Non Profit Organisation M.O.S.C.O (chairman; Haruo Takakuwa) have announced that, in 2017, they will organise three of FIA formated rally competition events to consist new Japan Super Rally Series.

The new rally series is aiming to expanding range of competition machine and globalizing of Japanese rally, offering highly satisfied event for both competitors and spectators and developing/improving quality of rally competition in Japan. With the purpose the series is seeking to drive more rise of rally competition. Accompany with establishment of Japan Super Rally series, an organisation is newly established. The organisation aims to connect, cooperate and control between event organiser, promoter, sponsors and competitors to enhance motorsport event activation to fulfill the wishes which is to establish worthy series for competitors, spectators and rally fans.

We will be sincerely appreciated by support from competitors, entrants, media and partners for Japan Super Rally series.

The arrangement committee of Japan Super Rally series
Kunihiro Tabata (AG.Members Sport Club Hokkaido chairman)
Haruo Takakuwa (Non Profit Organisation M.O.S.C.O chairman)