Accompany with establishment of Japan Super Rally, new organisation is established.

Title of the organisation

Japan Motorsport Association

The aim of establishment and the purpose

  • The organisation is led to establish by person who wish to spread and to promote rally and speed-competition as well as to improve quality of competition event, and then they feel necessary to establish an organisation which unite competition organiser and promoter to fulfill the wishes.
  • The organisation aims to connect, cooperate and control between event organiser, promoter, sponsors and competitors to enhance motorsport event activation, to create rally fan and expand their satisfaction and to fulfill to host promising motorsport event.

Business outline

  • Promoting FIA formatted international rally and Japanese Rally Championship.
  • Promoting general participatory motorsport event.
  • Supporting quality improvement for participatory motorsport event.

Structure of Organisation

Accompany with establishment, the organiser appoints Chairman, Vice-chairman and Secretariat, and aims to increasing the members in order. The key members at incorporation are as in below.


Mr.Kunihiro Tabata (Representative of AG.Members Sport Club Hokkaido)


Mr.Haruo Takakuwa (Representative of NPO M.O.S.C.O)

Members of he committee

Mr.Tsutomu Nagase (Representative of Carrosser, Chairman of JRCA)
Mr.Akira Kawada (Journalist)
Mr.Tsuyoshi Fukue (CINQ LLC)


Mis.Akiko Kono (Chairman of CINQ LLC)